North U20 2018 - Trial Squad

By Howard Hughes

After a lot of deliberation the North U20 Selectors have made their selections for players to be invited to the North U20 Trial on Sunday 22nd April.

The following players have been selected to attend the North U20 Trial & Assessment Day at Whitley Bay Rockcliffe RUFC on Sunday 22nd April.

Can all those named below please note the following:-

Email your acceptance/refusal of the invitation to trial to the North U20 Team Manager Howard Hughes so long as the following conditions are met.

You are English Qualified (This means you have full status to represent England at sport and you have no pending obligations to compete for another country) and you hold a full British Passport.

You are available and fit to attend the Trial & Assessment Day on Sunday 22nd April. If you are not available or you are injured then please do not accept the invitation giving your reason why, for example injured or on holiday.

Players who do attend injured will be asked to leave the Trial.
Also we you need to confirm your availability if selected after the Trial to attend the England Counties U20 Selection weekend in Derby on the 11th/12 & 13th May.

Forwards (Key: Y=Yorkshire L=Lancashire C=Cheshire D=Durham N=Northumberland)

John Blanchard (L) Harry Butler (Y) Jake Percival (C) Matthew Woodward (L) Will Dennis (Y) Matty Hand (C) Ben Gregory (L) Will Hollings (Y) Matt Gallagher (L) Nick Ashcroft (L) Peter Weller (C) Jack Granby (L) Dan Robinson (Y) James Newman (Y) Will Burns (Y) James Torkington (L) Liam Eldridge (C) Fitz Harding (D) Hallam Chapman (L) Zak Poole (Y)

Backs (Key: Y=Yorkshire L=Lancashire C=Cheshire D=Durham N=Northumberland)

Andrew Dixon (Y) Sam Pocklington (Y) Joe Pickering (D) Ryan Foreman (D) Josh Morris (C) Harry Finan (L) Sam Nunn (Y) Jonny Keh (Y) Tom Briggs (D) Michael Forrest (N) Seva Bulumakau (Y) Sam Cavin (D) Will Hunt (L) Tom Allott (Y) Sam Stott (L) Harry Blackwell (C) Cameron Bainbridge (Y) Tom Carleton (L) Kyle Kitney (Y)

Congratulations on reaching this stage, the North U20 Coaching & Management Team look forward to seeing you all on the 22nd April.

We (North U20 Group) understand that a lot of players who have NOT been invited to Trial will be disappointed, that is entirely understandable but the North U20 Selectors have a tried and tested process of review and selection. Whilst we would love to give feedback to everyone it is just not physically possible to provide succinct feedback to over 150 players, so in the first instance we would recommend you speak to your County Coach.

Where next?

North U20 Squad 2018 High quality Trial Day at North Shields RFC
North U20 Trial Venue 2018 Trip to the North East Coast for the North U20 Trial 2018.

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